What Is Curated Stone?

Curated Stone is a natural stone supplier and distributor based in Huntington Station, New York and serving Long Island and the surrounding area. The Curated Stone warehouse and distribution center stocks an extensive collection of natural stone slabs, including soapstone, marble, granite, slate, and quartzite. We cater to contractors, designers, installers, and fabricators looking for high-quality stone for residential and commercial renovation projects and architectural installations. Curated Stone does not fabricate or install stone slabs, but we can recommend trusted partners for design, fabrication, and installation. 

What Does a Natural Stone Supplier Do?

Natural stone suppliers source and deliver slabs and other raw materials, which fabricators and designers use to create beautiful pieces. Suppliers sell stone to contractors and creators, who then produce and install the material for home or commercial projects.

What Stone Varieties Does Curated Stone Carry? 

Curated Stone sources and supplies soapstone, marble, granite, and other natural stone varieties from domestic and international quarries in the USA, Brazil, and Italy. These natural stone slabs can become kitchen and bathroom countertops, backsplashes, sinks, floor tiles, fireplace mantles, and accent pieces. Each stone variety features unique visual characteristics and physical attributes that make it suited for construction and decorative projects. 


Soapstone is a natural stone used by designers and homeowners who want something different for their space. This dense, talc-based metamorphic rock features natural heat and water resistance, making soapstone ideal for sinks, countertops, fireplace mantels, and outdoor kitchen areas. Natural soapstone varieties range from light to dark with subtle or vibrant veining. Applying an oil or wax treatment can deepen the color in some soapstone varieties and bring out stunning shades of black, green, or blue. 


Marble is an elegant, sturdy natural stone with a striking appearance. Marble comes in a range of colors, from stark white to rich black with bold contrast veining throughout. Durable marble is heat-resistant, making it widely desired for kitchen countertops, and it’s also a favorite for decorative accent pieces and floor tiles. 


Granite is an igneous rock composed of quartz and feldspar. This durable natural stone resists wear and tear. Granite is stain-, heat- and scratch-resistant, making it a popular material for countertops and backsplashes in a busy home or commercial kitchen. Granite comes in hues of black, gray, blue, gold, and cream, with distinctive veins and patterns throughout. As with all natural stone products, granite slabs contain slight differences—no two are exactly alike.


Slate is a metamorphic rock composed of clay minerals and micas. This fine-grained natural stone is durable enough for roofing and floor tile but attractive enough for a kitchen island countertop. Non-porous slate can withstand excessive moisture, making it perfect for bathroom shower tiles and kitchen sink backsplashes. Most slate slabs come in light to dark gray, but the presence of iron and other organic materials can give this natural stone a green, red, black, purple, or brown tint. 


Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that begins as sandstone and changes under the natural application of heat and pressure. Not to be confused with quartz slabs—an engineered material made by combining natural quartz with coloring agents and resin and pressing it into slabs—quartzite is mined in large slabs, then cut further for sale and fabrication. Quartzite contains sparkling crystal and distinctive veining similar to marble and granite, so it’s ideal for backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, or accent wall tiles, and many people choose quartzite for kitchen countertops and island tops. Find quartzite slabs in warm hues or earthy tones, including white, brown, green, blue, pink, and gray.

Explore a portfolio of projects designed by fabricators and installers using natural stones sourced from Curated Stone. Contact us for more information and advice on natural stone applications.

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